Jacquet Events derived from a unique concept – the Crêpe Expres – which was first launched in 2001. Due to the many talents of this business, over the past years it started to offer more services and activities than merely French specialities. Thus, the Crêpe Expres expanded into our current Jacquet Events.


Jacquet Events offers its clients a friendly team, who utilise their enthusiasm and passion to organise every event for business, private and public occasions. Whether you require the organisation of a birthday party, a wedding, company anniversary or an opening, we are there to lend a hand!

Our goal

This company`s ultimate goal is to create an unforgettable experience, which fulfils all your desires, whilst maintaining constant quality and good service. Aside from offering the organisational side and accompanying activities of events, we also offer a number of unique concepts. These vary from a mobile crêperie and Bistro to classic cars and Sint Nicholas at your door. Furthermore, we have endless ideas for fun and distinctive theme parties (eg: glow in the dark), as well as cookery courses geared towards children. The sky is the limit! Over the years, Jacquet Events has established a large network of specialists, who aid us in creating your party in a professional manner. We would be delighted to help you find the perfect location to host your party, whilst we will also take responsibility for all the technical details, as well as supplying the necessary gadgets, and developing your day`s programme. We strive to make your dream a reality!